The Unread

The many unread books and untold stories gathered in the dusk and gloom. Night approached, on horseback, with a bow and quiver just for looks; Night would never shoot at anything. The great hoard of unread and untold jumped up and down, trying to capture Night’s attention. With the darkness comes the time of great struggle in the lives of children the world over: the fight over going to bed. Clever parents know how to combat this great rift in the bedtime routine, and they enlist the aid of Night on his charger to aid them in this eternal struggle. Each day, Night collects books and stories to distribute to those parents clever enough to read a bedtime story to their children, and the unread and untold know this is their chance to escape from the dungeon of the Long Tail and break into a new day, enlivened by that best of all responses, “Read it again, mommy. Read it again.”