Two Birds

–Does the duck quack or the cow moo?–

That’s the problem, right there. Indecision. I mean, I know the answer. Everyone does. It’s obvious. But what’s the context? How am I supposed to know the time period, or the country of origin, or any of the other social clues?

–You meet a man in the forest selling apples. Do you buy one or two?–

Again, totally unfair. Is he licensed? What time of day is it? What season? Are the apples edible? Which forest? How old is the man? Does he have a booth or a table and a basket? Is there anyone else around? What other obligations do I have for the money? Am I hungry? Do I even like apples? What if I’m allergic?

–The stone in your hand is getting heavy. Do you throw it?–

Well now you’re getting complicated. At whom am I throwing the stone? Do I even know her? Have we met? Spoken about our lives and hopes? Do we have children? Have we argued lately? What did she say to me this morning over breakfast? Does she like white or red wine? Does the sunlight sparkle in her hair? Is she a dancer? Are we lovers? Or just married? How does she feel about the afterlife? What type of poetry does she write?

–Complete the pattern: violet, face, urban, chocolate, gaberdine… —