Travel Brochure

The first spinal cord transplant took place in 1992, unfortunately unsuccessful for the pig though still informative. While the first human head transplant didn’t happen until 100 years later, the technology still remains largely experimental and too risky. There is no truth to the rumor of body snatchers stealing whole bodies, although the prohibitive cost of an entire body makes the profitability of such a venture likely in some circles. Taking into consideration all of the various organs and market fluctuations, the ‘street’ value of a human body, not counting the head, exceeds the GDP of 27 nations around the world. Coincidentally, those same 27 nations are the source of most of the rumors about body snatching. Investigations by the UN into Eritrea revenue showed no official government participation or sanctioning of human trafficking to bolster the failing economy. So relax and go on that exotic vacation to a developing nation. You are perfectly safe. No one wants to see any bodily harm come to you. Promise.