Keeping Him In Mind

“Now, Tommy, It’s your turn.” The family looked at the little boy encouragingly. Supper looked and smelled delightful, baked ham with a pineapple on top, coleslaw and corn as sides, and a bowl of fresh rolls. Tommy’s tummy gurgled in anticipation.

“Dear, Lord,” began the little one, only to be interrupted by the clanking of a length of chain link. Tommy unclasped his hands, opened his eyes, and asked, “Do I have to?”

“Why of course you do,” answered his mum. “You know the rules. If we keep your brother’s memory alive, then he’s still alive. You love your brother, don’t you?”

Tommy glanced in the direction of the shadowing figure in the corner where the noise of the chain came from. “But he doesn’t look happy,” said Tommy.

“Nonsense!” bellowed his father as he slapped the table. “I’m hungry, now say the blessing so we can all eat!”