Where is She Hiding?

Follow him, through the hedge and down the hole, into his elixir-infused dreamland, ignore the confusion, the mix of referents, the landscape of trees growing down from the sky, the river flowing above ground with no banks, and everything is so purple. The common means nothing, find that which is unique. He’ll show you, it’s his creation anyway, by trying to hide it, the key, her location. Float closer, inside his skin, see through his eyes. There, he averted his gaze, from what? Ah, a locked box, a pirate’s treasure chest, but the lock isn’t the way. Work on the hinges at the back, easy to knock the pins out, and the lid is open to a garden of roses and grape vines. So, this is home for her, this garden and wine cellar and yes, you’ve been here before, tasted this wine, pricked your finger on these thorns.