Obverted Homunculi

There are some words I like that I don’t really understand. Rectify is one of them. I know I could look up the word in a dictionary, or Google it for that matter, but it just sounds interesting and I’d rather leave it a bit mysterious. Seems more important that way. Attenuate is another. I write these words down on sticky notes and post them on the wall in my room. I like to rearrange them in different orders and say them out loud to hear how they sound. At least I think that’s how they sound. It’s how I say them anyway. Homunculi. These words pop up on TV or the radio or in books that I’m reading. They have a way of jumping off the page and standing there, strutting around. “Look at me,” they say, as they parade around until I capture them on a sticky note so I can get on with my reading. Obvert. That’s another one. Sometimes the meaning is too obvious from the context, or later I learn what one of the words mean. That’s when I take the sticky note down from the wall and put it in a shoe box I keep under my bed. It’s sort of a mausoleum since the words die a little when they are limited to a specific definition. Like mausoleum. That used to be up on the wall, now it’s under my bed in a shoe box, along with limbic and truncate. I say a small prayer when I put a word in the box, like a private funeral. I wonder sometimes what words will be spoken at my own funeral. Circumlocution. I hope they use all the ones still up on my wall. That would be nice.