Sister’s Lament

“When he struck the final blow, everything fell into place. The ice on the lake cracked through three meters, releasing a gush of water which showered down and freezing everyone in their tracks so they couldn’t get away. Seismic activity loosened the rocks of the cliff face and sent down a torrent of granite and quartz, burying the trio under tons of rock and earth. She watched all this from the shoreline, unable to do more than scream, which became a wail, a gusting wind that continues to this day, marking the place of destruction. And that’s how this place got its name, the Sister’s Lament.”

I rolled my eyes. “Dad! That’s an awful story! Everyone died or was miserable!”

“Well, you didn’t really expect a happy-ever-after with a place name Lament, did you?” He winked at me. “Let’s go get an ice-cream.”

“Now that’s more like it!”