Expanded Expectations

Driving up to the old house, I was surprised at how small everything looked. Surely the back yard had been divided to make room for another house, or the front yard taken up by a widening of the road, but what could account for a smaller house? Only the perspective of a smaller being, that seven year old me who looked up at everything, instead of this older, though no wiser me, capable of seeing things on an even level, a bit jaded, but still with a touch of wonder, hopeful, believing in the potential of the world. I imagined walking up to the front door, knocking, asking to see the old place, my old room, when it occurred to me that the dimensions my memories, as wide and disproportionate as they must be, deserved the extra space they currently occupied, a testament and installation to the foundation those memories created in the remainder of the world I created for myself.