Vacation Request

No, your request for the day off at Christmas is declined. You know why. You, of all people, know that your critical job function must be executed every day. This can’t be automated, as you’ve pointed out yourself on numerous occasions, or the AI crashes and takes down half of the systems in the city along with it. Cognitive Event Horizon. Your term. You know what it means. A person has to be in the server room to ensure the process completes. Any automated system could be compromised by the AI. The only protocol the computer can’t subvert is meat, as you so lovingly call yourself. You can’t be hacked, and that’s why you can’t be released. Maybe you should finish training your assistant so they could do some of this work for you, give you a break now and then, but you are too stubborn to take the time, and too secretive to share your information. You can’t have it both ways, so no Christmas for you. Now get back to work.