Putting It All Together, Metaphorically Speaking

Here, in one hand, is an egg. Here in the other hand is a hammer. These two items seem disparate, unrelated, and yet, their fates are inexplicably linked, one drawn to the other, one destroyed by the other. Each has potential, to build, to birth, to create something that did not exist save in the mind of the builder. Each can be used as a weapon, the egg in a more judgmental and humiliating fashion and less physically harmful than the hammer. Balance is needed, efficiency of stroke when driving in the nail; patience and an equinox when standing an egg on end. Take the hammer, then, as inevitable as the seasons, and swing it, gripped in strong hands, precisely, crushing the egg, shattering the protective shell, exposing the yellow yolk and clear uncooked white. Good. It is done. The trick, which should have been explained first, is now to put it back together. Good luck with that.