Too High

The children climbed a bit too high in the tree where the branches were a bit too flimsy and the breeze a bit too brisk. The reason for climbing the tree seemed as distant now as the ground below, however, it may be helpful to know they didn’t start out to climb so high, or even to climb at all.

The day started innocently enough as a pleasant walk in the forest, which quickly escalated into a contest on scaling the nearest tall tree when a mother bear escorting her cubs appeared. What the children didn’t understand is that some bears can also climb, and are quite good at it when they are younger. The cubs made quite a sport of it, following the human children up and up, higher into the thinning branches until all were good and truly stuck too high to safely climb back down, or even move around much for fear their precarious perch might suddenly fail them.

This is when the mother bear, quite nonplussed by the reaction of the humans and her own cubs, began pushing on the trunk of the tree in an effort to dislodge her twins.