Border War

He studiously filled three bird feeders that each hung from the ancient oak tree in the back yard, being sure to scatter a handful of seeds on the ground. To this banquet, he added a pile of peanuts in the shell stacked on the picnic table they used infrequently only on those perfect autumn evenings after the heat of the day to enjoy a glass of wine. The peanuts were specifically intended for the bluejays, or the squirrels, which ever got there first. Both animals annoyed the neighbor, which, more to the point, was the actual point of providing sustenance to the wild menagerie. The cost, the time involved in the ritual, all worth the effort as long as Winston across the way experienced high blood pressure swearing at the nuisance of screeching birds and messy rodents leaving peanut shells all over his perfectly manicured lawn. Too much time and attention spent on grass, and that behavior needed correcting.