The Namer

Bestowing a second name is a deliberate process. No rushing. And no guessing. When she arrives, the namer will ask questions. Answer them honestly and completely. Don’t assume she already knows the answer even if she does. Part of what she is determining is what you know, what you believe you know. This is important. What happened is one thing. What you believe is another. What I believe is altogether not the point. You will carry this second name for the rest of your life, unless something even more significant happens. This isn’t unheard of, but there are also people who never have more than one name, so you must be careful. If you hide something, you may end up with a name like Hogsnort or Basscomb. Don’t laugh, that’s how they got their names, and she may choose to use the same name again. That is up to her. The namer will decide.