Plenty of Time

It’s early yet. Still plenty of time. Even though the sun is down, there’s still plenty of light out there. Action won’t pick up until dark, so go ahead, get some food, settle in, make sure to load your weapons, and pick a clear exist strategy. Me, I like to make sure I have a car gassed up and ready to go. Keys already in the ignition. No need to look for them under the sun visor or in the glove box. No point in hiding them. With those claws, it’s not like they’re going to steel your car. Wouldn’t that beat all though? One of them driving a car up and down the street, low riding or cruising or whatever. Open beer in one hand, elbow cocked out the window. Good times, that. Anyway, like I said, they don’t come down at sundown. They like to wait till dark, so there’s plenty of time. For now, anyway.