Career Choice

It’s a simple formula. Follow the directions. All the steps are listed. Don’t do any more, and don’t do any less. Don’t think. You’re not in a position to ask. You are a machine, with one job to do: listen, then do what you are told. All of the parts you need are right there in the bag, everything you need to finish the task. Do you need to know why? Is there some greater significance that will make you better at what you are doing? Your premise is faulty, you are insignificant. That’s why you shouldn’t think. You only cause problems when you do that. It isn’t part of your job to understand. Give that idea up right now, or this place will grind you down, numb your mind, quell your spirit to the point where you might as well be replaced by a machine. The choice is simple: become the machine, or get out of the way.

The thoughts ran through his head, a quiet internal dialog that put him in that place where he could stand in the ring and box, follow that dream where he’s running, then flying, escaping until it’s time to turn and kill the beast, swimming underwater further than his lungs can bear, transforming into a shark that eats all the other smaller sharks and fish. The refocused anger helped keep him from making plans to do something about it, because he knew those plans would make no more sense than the dream, only he’d never wake up from the plan. Put your head down. A sigh with each passing minute as the hands of the clock dragged on, slow motion sweep of a circle until his release at the end of his shift. His arms moved like the clock, in precise patterns, a predestined beginning and end.