Shared Oniomania

New pair of shoes, red kitten heels. He’s going to kill me. If he finds them. Have to find a place to hide them. Closet? No, too obvious. He checks in there. Oh, I shouldn’t have, but they looked so good on me. I had to. Can’t he see that? Kitchen. I know, I’ll hide them in the kitchen for a few weeks, then when I bring them out, I’ll be able to say I’ve had them for months, not new at all, just didn’t have the right occasion to wear them. Cabinet above the fridge? Can’t really reach that one, and there isn’t anything up there anyway. If he did look, he wouldn’t be able to miss them. Lower cabinet where I keep all the old appliances. Inside the crock pot. Exactly. We never use that, and he doesn’t cook anyway. There, behind the waffle iron. Good old crock pot. Just open the lid and… What’s this? Another watch? The face and band are too big for a woman. He bought another watch for himself and thought he could hide it from me? Oh, I’m going to kill him when he get’s home!