Love Thy Neighbor

“Francois? Can you hear me? It is good to see you old friend, even in these circumstances. We have been through much, you and I, and now you are near the end of a glorious journey. I shall join you soon, so will the others, and right behind them the unstoppable floodgates. So many will be where you are now. It is good that you are running such a high fever, good for the sweating. I embrace you, my compatriot. All of us here will embrace you, skin to skin, brother to brother, accepting your infection. May we all become carriers, the forefront of conflagration. You are a brave man, to go first, to wait until you are this infectious, allowing us to silently bring this virus to all corners of the world before symptoms express themselves. We shall follow your example, and become the temple for others to join us, ripples of a pond that will end in a tidal wave of death for mankind. Go to your reward, Francois, and prepare a place for us in paradise. I shall see you soon, my friend.”