Dream Merchant

“Next! Sit there. Sit. What is your dream?” He does not look up but scribbles something on his legal pad.

“It’s a simple dream. It starts out kinda peaceful. Everything is white and there are birds singing in the background.”

“No.” He marks a check with his pencil at top of the page.

“What, what do you mean, no?”

“Listen, I know you were promised top dollar, and that’s true, but only if we actually buy your dream. We can’t use yours. Too common. I have a backlog of peaceful. No one wants that any more. Boring! They want something exciting, something they’ve never experienced before. Got any nightmares?” He raises his eyebrows and gives a little hopeful smile. “Something a little naughty? Maybe even something banned?”

The young man looks down at his hands. “Well, there is this recurring one, but I don’t like to talk about it.”

“Oo! Tell me more!” He scratches out the checkmark.