Just Take the Damn Picture!

It cost her everything in her savings account, but that was the dress of her dreams, so she bought it. The little picturesque church rented for way more than she expected, but it was so darling, she insisted that’s where the wedding would be. The caterer and the flowers and the bridesmaids dresses and the limo and the photographer and many more ands all seemed worth it as she stitched together plans for the blessed event. It had to be perfect. It nearly was except for a few things she didn’t count on. She didn’t count on the expense although she could live with that, but she also didn’t count on that drunk driver or the accident or the hospitalization, and especially not the funeral costs for her intended. Still, with all the plans in place, seemed a pity to waste all that effort, so she went ahead with the wedding anyway. Great time for all in attendance. Indeed.