The Horologist

Time enough, if I do this right. Intermeshing gears, precisely aligned, connected to a fission reaction captured in a state of constant eruption. A step backwards in time, a simple windup. Yes, that’s what I keep telling myself. Just a rewind of the clock, starting things over. All for her.

It resets everything. That’s what I didn’t understand at first. I thought the effect would be local, but it isn’t. It’s quite catholic in that respect. All of the same causes and their connected effects, all still in place, just earlier than they were.

I know it won’t really change anything. But when I reset the clock, she’ll still be there, and I’ll relive those days, those precious pearls set in the firmament, those perfect days with her, before the accident. I’m coming, my love. Coming to see you, care for you, even stay with you as it all ends. Again.