“I don’t think you should have said that,” Slim said to his buddy Canyon.

“Said what?” asked Canyon. “All I said was that no one was sorry to see her go. That’s just the plain, honest truth.”

“No, I mean you shouldn’t have said it so-Dominic-could-hear-you is what I mean,” warned Slim.

Dominic was a big man by any standard, played both football and basketball in high school and college, which is where they all first met, and fell in love, with Miranda. Stunningly beautiful in her own way, when she and Dominic started dated, everyone stepped out of the way. They were that perfect for each other. Or so everyone thought.

Senior year Home Coming weekend, and suddenly they weren’t talking to each other, and neither talked about the other either, not even to their closest friends, which, up until that point would have been the two of them.

That didn’t stop others from talking though, and when Miranda dropped out half way through second, and last, semester, we all assumed she was responsible for the end of their relationship. All sorts of rumors, from pregnancy to abortion to affair to drugs to rape to just about anything anyone could think of were attributed to her, although not in front of Dominic.

The big man stood, slowly, as though gathering energy from the room around him, turned, and purposefully stepped to our table at the bar. He leaned down, getting right in the face of Canyon, who was a bit of a tough himself, and stared in his eyes until Canyon blinked and had to push back in his chair.

“Don’t. Ever. Talk. About. Her. Like. That. Again.” And then Dominic straightened up, dropped a twenty on the bar, and left the room.