Suspense Scene

Mary brought me a slice of warm apple pie, a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side, just the way I like it. A stream of coffee refilled the cup at my elbow. Better to be inside than out in that storm. Things were the way they should be.
The door blew open, rain poured in to the diner. I stood to close it and a flash of lightning revealed the outline of a man in the doorway. Thunder crashed around us as he stepped out of the night and into the fluorescent lighting. Another gust of wind blew the door shut behind the stranger and he stood there, drenched, and leaving an expanding puddle around his feet.
“I need some help,” he said.
My understanding of his countenance changed from seeing a menacing figure to a desperate man, a man on the run. That’s when I noticed the water on the floor was pink and turning red. The lights flickered and went out with another crash of lightning as the man collapsed to the floor.