He takes this gun, like a small pistol, the kind you might hide up a sleeve and surreptitiously slide out with a flick of your hand at the point in the poker hand when there are too many aces on the table, but that’s not what this is all about. This gun shoots magic bullets that change people, like an angry person is shot and then he’s all calm and everything, or someone else can’t make a decision and then they get shot, and they get in an accident and end up in hospital for couple weeks so they get fired, which is what they wanted because they were trying to quit their job anyway. The problem with it all, the gun thing, is the guy with the gun can’t control what’s going to happen, so he’s reluctant to shoot people, but in the end, he knows he has to, so he does, and then sometimes he’s inspired by what happens, and other times, he’s all like, wow, can’t believe that happened. But it does. It just happens. You know, like that. Like life happens. Maybe it would happen even if he doesn’t shoot them, but he does, and it happens. Yeah. That would be cool to write.