Cosmic Energy Dude

I saw this guy today, sitting on top of a fire hydrant, in the lotus position, and he was making all these intricate hand gestures, like he was dancing or something. Anyway, he seemed safe enough, seeing as how he was perched, cross-legged, on the hydrant. I figured I had a good step or two on him if I had to run, but he was actually pretty cool. I asked him what he was doing, and he started giving me this wild story about redirecting energy currents, doing his part to keep the world alive, trying to heal things, and restart some sort of peace wave that got slowed down way back in the 70s, when people forgot all the good energy from the 60s. Disco or something like that. Anyway, even though this guy sounded crazy, and his words definitely reinforced that idea, he actually seemed kind of peaceful, really calm, like still water in a pond, or the harmonic contours of a zen garden. Somehow, even though he really was bat-shit crazy, I could almost picture myself believing him. So, anyway, I gave him some encouraging words, called him my brother, and went on my way. Thing is, I’ve been riding on the wave of enlightenment ever since. I hope it doesn’t stop, because I haven’t seen the dude since. I’ve looked around and asked a few people, but no one seems to know him. Well, anyway, here’s to you, cosmic energy dude. May you be well, and may you bring peace to the rest of us.