Top Dollar

The gun was found in the glove box of an abandoned DeSoto at the junk yard. Instead of rending it for scrap, the owner of the junk yard thought he might be able to sell it for parts, not that he’d had any enquiries for DeSoto parts, but you never knew. Maybe some eccentric Hollywood type who collected cars would call him up, begging for an original front seat, which he couldn’t find anywhere else, and if he had it, top dollar would be paid for the hard-to-find part. Top dollar. For a car that came to him when neighbors called to complain about an old rust bucket on blocks in the old empty lot on 52nd street next to the laundromat. How was he to know that Frankie the Finger used this same car in 1952 when he took out a hit on rival Gomez the Shark. Frankie was only 17 at the time, and he had to steal his uncle’s car since he didn’t own one of his own. The police would find finger prints on the gun when the junkyard owner called them.