The Towel

A simple bath towel fit snuggly around his neck. He tightened both ends, rolling the towel into a thick rope-like band of cloth. He took the two ends and twisted them together. He held the ends with one hand, slowly increasing the tension to feel what it would be like to cut off his breath. His neck soon bulged as his blood began to pool in his face, a pressure building in his head and ears. He wondered if he would pass out and loosen his grip if he tightened the towel any further or if the towel was tight enough to continue blocking access to fresh air. That’s when the phone rang. He glanced over toward the kitchen where the phone hung on the wall. He let go of the towel and shook his head as he got up from the couch and walked over to the phone. Someone looking for donations. He didn’t answer it, and spent the rest of the evening debating whether to pick up the towel and try again.