Watch Advice

Thanks to my watch I know now that I am not active enough, do not take enough steps each day, do not suffer from a-fib (good thing,) can control my phone without taking it out of my pocket, still can’t communicate effectively with a digital assistant, and have a growing sleep deficit. None of that is a surprise to me, just that I have numbers now to back it up. Numbers don’t lie; unless we want them to.



What is that on your hand. Let me see it. Not the back of your hand; show me your palm. Both of them. That spot is new. You’ve been outside again. Without the proper protection. Again. What was it this time? Picking flowers out in the field or skipping rocks down by the lake. Don’t you realize we can’t do that any more. None of it. We can’t go outside. It is killing us. That spot, it isn’t just a stain that will wash off. It’s an infection, one that will spread. We need to get you to the medical ward immediately.

Jacob and the Stranger

The arrow pierces the intersection of the crucifix which bursts into a bright light. What remains is a beating heart, the pulse displays on the monitor to one side of the gurney. The green line travels across the screen, steady, jumping up and down and falling back again. Which monitor makes that beeping sound? It doesn’t matter. What matters most right now is that the men’s room is down the hallway on the left. There’s plenty of time to sort out the rest later. Just so long as that stupid green light keeps up its jerky march across the screen.

Her Ghost

Her ghost haunted his thoughts. Not a real ghost composed of ectoplasm and rattling chains, more a ghost of a ghost, a shadow or reflection left over after cancer had separated them. He imagined he could see her out of the corner of his eye as long as he didn’t look directly at her. Who knows, perhaps the remnants of her microbiome, a wisp of a bacterial colony still carried on her movements and sensibilities. Her presence, however incorporeal, comforted him, gave him succor in an otherwise empty home.

Not Listed on the Resumé

  • That time I shoplifted as a kid
  • My favorite type of alcohol
  • Which magazines I read
  • Who’s car I bumped into in the parking lot and didn’t leave a note
  • Casino where I’ve won at poker most often
  • Anything I’ve done at college besides graduate
  • Number of speeding tickets
  • Real reason for that scar on my forehead
  • What I have stored in the basement
  • Number of times I’ve been dumped v number of times I’ve dumped
  • Most frequently committed deadly sin
  • Amount of ‘on the clock’ time I spend in the bathroom
  • Secret society I can’t talk about of which I am a member